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Texas Family Law and Divorce Attorney

People facing family law conflicts often have a difficult struggle ahead of them. Fighting spouses and families sometimes use their lawyers as weapons of vindictiveness against each other. At Jefferson Law Office, PLLC, in Northeast Tarrant County, Texas we shield our clients against that vindictiveness. As skilled, veteran lawyers with decades of experience it is our job to protect your interests by fighting for you in court.

Protecting Your Children During a Divorce

Divorce can have a huge impact on a child. When considering matters like child support child custody and visitation we help parents protect their children's best interests. This may mean pursuing alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and negotiation. It may mean assertive representation in the courtroom standing up for your interests and those of your child.

Dividing Property Under the Texas Family Code

As a community property state property and assets acquired during the marriage are considered to be owned jointly by the spouses. This simply means that what is yours is really partially your spouse's and vice versa. Texas family courts have broad discretion to divide the property in a "just and equitable manner." As attorneys we can help you predict how the courts will look at your property and assertively protecting your property interests.

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If you are thinking about divorce, sometimes referred to as "dissolution of marriage" - speak with a lawyer who is well versed in family law, someone who understands not only the law but the way to construct legal solutions to get the best possible results. Speak with an attorney at Jefferson Law Office, PLLC by calling 817.562.4099.

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